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Press Release 23rd of January 2012

"Zimmer 67" will be shown at the Film Market of the Int. Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand in France between January 27 and February 4, 2012. With more than 3.000 professional visitors, Clermont-Ferrand is said to be the most important film market worldwide. Access for accredited visitors only.

After screenings at seven international film festivals so far, also the first non-festival-screening of "Zimmer 67" in the frame of the 15th anniversary of the "Film club for Deaf, Hearing impaired and Hearing" in Hamburg, Germany on the 13th of January, 2012 was a huge success. Not only have the tickets been sold out two days ahead, also reactions of the mainly deaf and hearing impaired audience was overwhelmingly positive. Director Matthias Maasz sees this as an evidence "to have made a film for the hearing and the deaf - and not just a film for the hearing that can be watched by a deaf audience as well!"  People that use sign language also seem to be more open for the use of film language and metaphors, as one could conclude from the detailed questions after the screening.

The Film Club Organisators (left: Sonja Roczek) and Matthias Maasz happy about the sold out Hamburg screeening. Photo Eva Zulauf

For the first time the screening was carried out by the Cologne based company W-film Distribution that has licensed theatrical distribution in the german speaking territories from the beginning of 2012. 

Please contact: W-film Distribution , Gotenring 16, 50679 Cologne , Germany , Phone: +49 - 221 - 222 1980 , Fax: +49 - 221 - 222 1981 for screenings in german-speaking territories.

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"Zimmer 67" will be shown at the Film Market of the 
Int. Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand in France 
between January 27 and February 4, 2012.
Access for accredited visitors only!