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Press Release 17th of June 2011

Still working on the Follow-Ups of the participation of "Zimmer 67" (Room 67) at the Shortfilmcorner of the prestigious Cannes Filmfestival in France, german Director-Producer Matthias Maasz (right) is already heading towards the United States to sell his directorial debut of a narrative short film on the FilmMarket of the Palm Springs International ShortFest in California, USA 
between June 21st and 26th of 2011.

Designated by AMPAS as an award-qualifying festival, and accredited by the International Short Film Conference, the Palm Springs International ShortFest and its Short Film Market are the largest and most prominent short film showcase in North America. The Festival and its concurrent 3,000-film Market continue to serve as a scouting ground for new filmmaking talent and are well attended by those in the business of buying and selling short films. (citation Festival PR)

Matthias has already attended the Palm Springs ShortFestival in 2002 as Director of Photograpy of "Ina's Birthday", directed by André Bergelt, that was shown in the Int. Competition. Resulting from these early contacts, former festival employee Charlotte Del Rose could be convinced to collaborate as sales contact for JUMA Filmproduktion in the United States.

Support in the struggle for attention in this big market comes from the German Films Service + Marketing GmbH, that is the national information and advisory center for the promotion of German films worldwide. In it's current issue of German Films Quarterly, information on "Zimmer 67" is presented in the New German Films section and is so being sent to around 6.000 buyers, journalists, film-institutions and festivals worldwide. (see excerpt as pdf)

Meanwhile, also all preview material is delivered with the official 5.1 soundmix of Munich based Michael Hinreiner, who gave the final touch to a theatrical sound experience, that should even be felt by a deaf audience in the appropriate moments. For selected preview screenings in High Definition a bluray disc has been produced with the generous support of W-Film Cologne and Wave-Line Berlin.

Flyer Cannes 2011(pdf)

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"Room 67" will be shown at the Film Market of the 
Palm Springs International ShortFest
in California, USA 
between June 21st and 26th of 2011.
Access to accredited visitors only.