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Press Release 28th of November 2011

The short film "Room 67" celebrates its home match during the 17th Baden-Wuerttemberg Filmshow  on December 2nd 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. The annual regional Filmshow is presenting a representative profile of all genres and formats that have been produced in the so called "Laendle" of the southgerman federal state with the difficult name Baden-Wuerttemberg. 
The postproduction of "Room 67" has also been funded by MFG, the federal Filmfunds of Baden-Wuerttemberg. 
Director Matthias Maasz and Judith Claudia Gorgass, supported by more actors of the film will be present during the projection of the film. 

See Filmshow BW Website

After its Stuttgart screening, "Room 67" is heading towards Greece, where it has been selected for the 2nd Int. Corinthian-Peloponnesian Film Festival. The young festival that defines itself as a springboard for young and committed filmmakers will project the shortfilm on December 9, 2011. 

See Website of the Int. Corinthian-Peloponnesian Film Festival

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Swabian Premiere of "Room 67" at
17th Filmshow Baden-Wuerttemberg
in Stuttgart, Germany on December 3, 2011