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Press Release 8th of October 2011

Judith Claudia Gorgass and Matthias Maasz received a warm welcome in Cyprus for the world premiere of "Room 67". Audience and press reacted very positive on the screening on October 2nd. If "Room 67" will finally receive one of the eligible awards will be decided on October 16th only. Awards for Best Short Film, Best Cinematography In A Short Film and the Audience Award For A Short Film are still possible. 

A special pleasant surprise resulted from a glance into the "Cyprus Weekly", a journal in english language, that covers the film festival presenting a nearly half-page-sized photo of male main actor Florian Kiml.

See excerpt from Cyprus Weekly 
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The website of the Cyprus Filmfestival also already presents a video of Petra Terzi interviewing director Matthias Maasz and main actress Judith Claudia Gorgass. 

Simultaneous to Cyprus, "Room 67" will be shown at the Film Market of the Sapporo Short Fest on the island of Hokkaido in Japan between October 5th and 10th of 2011. Only accredited visitors have access to the film and might then get into contact upon interest. Traveling to Japan was not possible this time for organisational reasons.

See Sapporo Filmfestival

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"Room 67" will be shown at the Film Market of the
SAPPORO Short Fest  on the island of Hokkaido
in Japan 
between October 5th and 10th of 2011.
Access to accredited visitors only.