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Press Release 9th of November 2011

Just a few weeks after the German Premiere at the Hof Int. Film Festival, the Latinamerican premiere of "Room 67" will take place on november 16 and 18 as official selection of the Int. Shorts Competition of the Oaxaca Independent Film and Video Festival in Mexico.

Director Matthias Maasz (Photo by Hendrik Ertel)  has also been invited to participate in a public panel discussion regarding "Independent Filmproduction".

The mexican newspaper "Noticias" organizes an online audience award and displays the trailer of the competing films with the attached possibility to vote for each film. If you want to support "Room 67" you can go to their website, click on "votación", then "cortometraje" and scroll down to "Habitación 67" the spanish title of "Room 67". 

See Room 67 (Habitación 67) - page on Oaxaca Film Festival Website

Another festival invitation comes from Sardinia, where "Room 67" will have a special screening out of competition during the Babel Film Festival at the premises of the Humane Society - Film Archive in Cagliari on November 29, 2011.

BABEL FILM FESTIVAL is the first film competition whose aim is to appreciate and promote the cinema relating the linguistic minorities, giving voice to their history, culture, and language. Some 50 million EU citizens, 10% of the EU population, speak a regional or minority language.
Sign language in this regard is considered a minority language as well - that is why "Room 67" would qualify for the festival.

See Babel Film Festival Website

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Latinamerican Premiere of "Room 67" at
Oaxaco Int. Independent Film & Video Festival
in Mexico on November 16, 2011
Additional screening on November 18