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Press Release 24th of July 2011

"Room 67 divides the audience" - says director - producer Matthias Maasz as a resume after the participation of his shortfilm at the filmmarkets in Cannes and Palm Springs. While the story about a deaf girl (Judith Claudia Gorgass) on a blind date basically awakenes immediate interest, some TV-stations and world sales distributors claim, that narration of the film would not be commercial enough and following too much the style of feature films. For some exploitation channels films need to be understandable even if the audience is fetching a drink out of the fridge inbetween.

In response to this feedback, "Room 67" will from now on also be available in a "comedy-only" version that is 5 minutes shorter than the previous one. It will be running under the title "Room 67 - A Deaf Girl On A Blind Date" in order to avoid confusion and to differentiate the festival submissions.

The initial version will remain as a "Directors Cut" since it has already drawn attention and is still being requested. Getting aware of this version at the Shortfilmcorner in Cannes, the swiss Young Directors Forum invited Matthias Maasz to participate in the Young Directors Award at the Cristal Festival in Crans-Montana. Along with 10 other contests in areas such as photography, poster design, etc. the international advertising industry is recruiting their offspring there between december 7th and 11th of 2011.

Also the Asian market was initially supplied with the Director's Cut. Thus, the largest Japanese Short Film Market in Sapporo (800 km north of Fukushima) will present "Room 67" between October 5th and 10th of 2011 in the version that includes both, the dramatic elements of the accidental encounter between Anna and Max (Florian Kiml) and the elaborate dream sequence at the end of the film.

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see Press Release of  06-24-2011

"Room 67" will be shown at the Film Market of the
SAPPORO Short Fest  on the island of Hokkaido
in Japan 
between October 5th and 10th of 2011.
Access to accredited visitors only.