A Shortfilm directd by Matthias Maasz









By playing with fire, 
some will get burned...

The young and hearing impaired Anna and the somewhat spirited and clumsy Max meet in a hotel lobby. She, stood up by a blind date, he, travelling to a non-smoker’s-convention and ending up in the wrong hotel by mistake. Both like each other instantly – but how does one flirt, when the inamorata does not hear anything? 
Without being intimidated, they start getting to know each other and discover inventive ways of communication. Eventually, they end up in a hotel room, raid the minibar, laugh together, kiss, make love...until Max is being arrested all of a sudden!

A Romantic Arthouse Comedy.



"Room 67" will be shown at the Shortfilmcorner during the
Cannes Filmfestival between May 11th and 21st of 2011.
Access to accredited visitors only.